About REAP


The Richmond Entrepreneur’s Assistance Program (REAP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide comprehensive job training and skills development for individuals with disabilities. Our main focus is to meet the specific needs of today’s workforce and tailoring our approach to the needs of our trainees.

Using a social enterprise model, we apply an entrepreneurial approach to address the high unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities.


We provide:

  • Comprehensive employment training to equip our participants with the necessary skills and experiences they need for employment.
  • Technical skills training such as computer proficiency, inventory management, timekeeping, website storefront, and cash register system.
  • An integrated computer software package that provides skills tracking and productivity metrics for each participant. Our system demonstrates each person’s accomplishments and provides an accurate report of their skills to a prospective employer.

REAP serves as a bridge to employment by working with a diverse group of schools and businesses to better prepare our participants in their aim to start a business or serve in the workforce. Our job training also teaches participants that every person has value and that when we work together, everyone benefits.