Fresh Picks


Why Fresh Picks?

The mission of REAP is to provide job training and employment for individuals with disabilities.  We are always looking for opportunities for employment for our participants.  They want to work, they are very capable of working, and they have a right to work.

Bringing fresh produce to families, being able to provide fresh produce for families who don’t have easy access to healthy foods is a win on every level. The more produce we can sell, package, and donate in the community, the more people with disabilities we can employ.  The benefits to families, being part of the solution for the food desert problem in Richmond, impacting young children, who we know do better in school when they eat well, it’s exciting!

What does Fresh Picks do?

  • We offer fresh produce boxes for sale – currently at St. Michael’s – to parishioners and people in the area who can conveniently pick-up their boxes every Thursday between 3:00PM and 6:00PM
  • We are getting ready to serve the Highland Park Community; potentially 150 families at Overby-Sheppard Elementary School and others in the neighborhood.  Distribution will happen on Wednesday’s at St. Elizabeth’s.

The vision is for Fresh Picks to be an economic driver in Highland Park where we hire people in the neighborhood to run this program…working toward creating a convenience store that will provide food and other things that they determine are needed by their friends and neighbors.

We are serving other food pantries; places like Catholic Charities, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Paul’s and Northside Outreach Center by donating food and/or sell at cost….again, providing easy access to fresh produce to people in need.

The REAP Family Produce Box feeds 4 people for $25!

After buying your first 3 produce boxes, any additional boxes require that you have a membership. The membership is $35 and can be purchased here! You do not need a membership if you are buying 2 or more boxes in one order.

You can buy a family produce box online using the form below! Pick-up is on Thursday every week from 3:00PM to 6:00PM at Saint Michael’s. The first pick up date is Thursday, July 23!

Fresh Picks Updates:

Two ways to participate:

  1. Purchase a box of fresh produce for your family.

Orders can be placed at: or by contacting Chef Aaron

at 804-517-4165.

Payment can be made by check or cash in the church office.

Local produce is included, when available.  Our boxed program is available year-round.


  1. Vouchers for Veggies Program – purchase a $10.00 voucher for a family in Highland Park.

Help make fresh produce affordable and accessible to families in need (150 families have

been identified, so far).

Details are available at: or by calling Aaron or Karen (527-1037 x 29,

Thank you for your support!


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A special thanks to the Kelleher’s for donating vendor space at all of the community events that Kelleher Plumbing & Heating sponsor.  We’re grateful for this opportunity to spread the word about the abilities of REAP’s participants.  Your help is greatly appreciated.Questions/Suggestions: Please contact Karen at 804-874-4591 ( Aaron Turner is the Program Director for Fresh Picks.  You can reach Aaron at: 804-517-4165 (  Aaron also has a catering business… so keep him in mind for your catering needs.