Heart to Heart Gift Baskets

heart-to-heat-gift-basketsHeart to Heart Gift Baskets & Packaging is a REAP owned business that allows participants with disabilities to learn how to produce a product for retail.  Some of the skills necessary are quality control, counting, tying ribbon, preparing vases and plastic containers, front and back discrimination of bags, boxes and candy, etc. When these products are sold at church fairs, corporations and by holiday makers like yourselves, REAP participants feel a great deal of pride that what they accomplish has value to the local economy. Other products that our participants often make are for Project Give to Our Military and kindness gifts for seniors in the community. When you order from Heart to Heart Gift Baskets & Packaging you are supporting REAP’s job training program as well as ability to employ individuals with disabilities.

Truffle Vases

These make great gifts for co-workers and bosses. We have styles for any time of the year. Let us know which style and how many are needed and we can quickly fill your order.


Holiday Gifts

These will be sold at the Heart to Heart table at our Artisan Showcase.


These mini loaf containers are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe up to 450 degrees. These would be great with a coffee cake served at your next holiday get-together. Or that fruitcake that your aunt insists on giving can be re-gifted in these.


Holiday cupcake tray. Doesn’t mention being suitable for an oven, so probably best as a gift to a hostess. Or imagine walking in to your office party with 6 different delectable homemade dips. This will surely beat out Brian’s snowmen cookies.


Holiday stuffed animals stuffed in oversized mugs. Doesn’t get much cuter than that.

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