Kindness Campaign

In a WORLD where you can be anything, BE KIND.

Our fascination with the concept of kindness led us to the #REAPKindnessCampaign!

Kindness Campaign

At the Richmond Entrepreneur’s Assistance Program (REAP), we strive to put the concept of kindness front and center in everything that we do. Be it in helping people with disabilities acquire job training or helping them hone their skills, REAP operates through kindness – a virtue that we think everyone is capable of embodying.

Here’s how you can participate

  • 01

    Have anyone in mind you want to send a message to just because? Compose your message!

  • 02

    Design your own e-card or use

  • 03

    Now you have 2 options. First, you can either print your own card, send it to someone and ask someone to post it on social media.

  • 04

    Second option is to save the card on your computer and post it on someone’s social media page.

  • 05

    Remember to use the official hashtag #REAPKindnessCampaign

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