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The Network Doctor RVA booth at REAP's Fifth Anniversary Celebration

The Network Doctor RVA booth at REAP’s Fifth Anniversary Celebration

RICHMOND, Virginia – In its mission to make more people aware of the disability culture, the Richmond Entrepreneurs Assistance Program (REAP), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing job training and skills development for people with disabilities, has partnered with the Network Doctor RVA in hopes of educating an even bigger audience about the culture of disability.

For five years, REAP has been dedicated in helping people with disabilities acquire new skills with the main focus of meeting the specific needs of the modern workforce. Partnering with the Network Doctor RVA opens an even wider door for REAP to reach more people in raising awareness as well as in inviting more volunteers to join the cause.

“REAP is delighted to partner with The Network Doctor RVA. Gloria Pimenta and her team have created an exciting and unique service to the Richmond Community.   A key feature of the Network Doctor is a universal networking calendar featuring all of the networking groups in town.  They have core members who share the vision for The Network Doctor – business professionals who are committed to building relationships and making a difference in our community.  Gloria Pimenta and her team have done an amazing job.  We’re delighted to be working with them,said Karen Hannon, founder, REAP.

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